Progressive slots

"Progressive slots" are slots in which a small portion of each bet contributes towards a common jackpot. This jackpot keeps growing until one lucky player manages to win it. Hopefully, that player is you. Progressive slots offer you the opportunity to win big as the jackpot itself just keeps growing as participants continue to play. There are two types of progressive slots, namely local and network slots. Local progressive slots are tied to a single casinos and the jackpot only grows from wagers made at that specific casino, logically. Network progressive slots, on the other hand, are part of a larger network and the jackpot grows as wagers are placed across all casinos that are part of that network. This means that the jackpot grows faster, allowing for bigger wins. It's important to note that "progressive slots\" tend to have a higher house edge than other slots because a portion of the bet goes toward the jackpot. Despite this, they offer you the chance to win considerable prizes and can therefore be very tempting.